surface of a garden shed

How to calculate the surface of a garden shed.?


Installing a garden house is a simple construction project that has several advantages. The garden shed is cheaper than a hard piece, less complex than a house extension and the ideal solution for storing your tools or protecting your garden furniture.

A garden shed also represents a new surface that will quickly add value to your assets.

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Whether you decide to build your garden shed yourself or buy it as a kit, you should read the applicable regulations.

Certain precautions must be taken before any construction project. You should know that depending on the type of construction of your garden jams, it is necessary to take different administrative procedures. From a legal point of view, the height, area, ground law and location of your home are taken into account. It is better to inquire with prior information on the conditions of approval of the town planning, whether it is the previous Explanation of the works or building permit.

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Check setting distances to set for other designs

Architectural rules at checkout, including usable building materials.

In addition to the local urban plan, it is necessary to consider elements other than before any construction site. It is best if your garden shed is at a sufficient distance from your neighborhood is installed so as not to interfere in their country. Also, be sure to prepare a suitable floor to ensure good long-term stability for your construction. Keep in mind that your garden shed is not too close to a tree, the development of its roots and leaves can make it worse.

The conditions for the explanations for the construction of a garden house

To know if the construction of your garden house is subject to a building permit, it is necessary to take into account two main parameters:

Check the floor area corresponding to the area of ​​closed and covered rooms, under a ceiling height of more than 1.80 meters. Therefore, from the calculation of the floor area, all projected areas of the type of canopy, balcony or porch. The exact definition of the floor area of ​​buildings is available in article L111-22 of the town planning law.

Check the straightness on the ground  ; these are all the projected surfaces of the building on the ground. It therefore includes the ground surface and all overhangs and overhangs of the structure.

The planning permission for a garden shed depends on the size of these two areas. There are three levels of regulation:

For a garden house with a height of not more than 12 m below the ceiling

Garden house surfaces

Planning approval re

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