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You dream of relaxing in a swimming pool but your garden is far too small to accommodate one. Do not despair, because today, solutions exist to arrange even a narrow space with a dream swimming pool. Pools of less than 10 m2 exist and the offer is growing for all budgets and all tastes!

Finally why not you?

Like the big ones, you can install an inground , semi-inground or above-ground mini pool . You can find the design that best suits your garden and your desires, even for sloping or landlocked terrain. They even fit into terraces and roof tops. Don’t forget that even a small pool needs to be secured  : barrier, alarm or shutter, you choose your solution.

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The mini-pools are equipped to ensure maximum well-being in a minimum of space. As in a spa, you can integrate balneotherapy equipment into your mini-pool: hydro-massage nozzles, relaxation bench, heating, etc. For sports enthusiasts, a counter-current swimming system and full-length sizing can be installed to train from home.

Economical and easy to install

With a volume of water much lower than that of a conventional swimming pool, it is the economical and ecological solution par excellence. Less water, therefore less cleaning products, and also savings on heating. In addition, the mini pool is faster to clean with its small surface. Fewer chores for more relaxation. Even more simplicity: below 10m2, no need for a declaration of works or a building permit, goodbye to cumbersome administrative procedures.

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The mini-pools exist in concrete, in polyester shell or self-supporting, in steel panels or in wood. Some, in kit form, can be installed in less than four days. The solutions are really varied according to your needs and your desires: flat bottoms, diving pits, swimming channel, etc. There are modern, zen or wood designs to create a universe in your image. Find out about the many possibilities available.

Finally why not you?

Comfort and well-being are within your reach, the mini-pools bring you the benefits of a classic pool combined with those of a spa. It is the solution adapted to the whole family and to all terrains. In addition, they are very affordable to buy, starting at only €3000.

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