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Elevate Your Bathing Experience: A Guide to Shower & Bathtub Accessories


The bathroom, your personal sanctuary of relaxation, deserves thoughtful touches that elevate both form and function. In the UAE, where luxury bathroom experiences are valued, selecting the right shower and bathtub accessories becomes crucial. This guide delves into essential accessories, exploring the exceptional offerings from renowned brands Bernstein, Fink, Duravit, and VitrA, empowering you to transform your bathroom into a haven of comfort and style.

Essential Accessories for a Complete Bathing Experience:

  • Bathtub Screen: This transparent panel prevents water from splashing out of your bathtub during showering, keeping your bathroom floor dry and adding a touch of visual separation.
  • Shower Screen: For walk-in showers, a shower screen provides a barrier, ensuring a comfortable showering experience without soaking your entire bathroom. Explore various configurations, including hinged, sliding, or fixed panels, to suit your space and preferences.
  • Shower Shelf: Maximize your shower space with a shower shelf, allowing you to keep essential toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and soap readily accessible. Choose from corner shelves for optimal space utilization or wall-mounted options that complement your design.
  • Bathtub Tray: A bathtub tray provides a convenient surface for resting your bath essentials like candles, books, or tablets, enhancing your bathing experience. Opt for a tray that extends across the width of your bathtub or a foldable version for compact storage.
  • Towel Rack: This essential bathroom accessory keeps your towels neatly organized and readily available for drying. Explore a variety of styles, including wall-mounted racks, freestanding towel stands, or heated towel racks for a touch of luxury.

Renowned Brands, Diverse Options:

When it comes to selecting premium shower and bathtub accessories, these four brands stand out for their commitment to quality and design:

  • Bernstein: Renowned for German precision and contemporary design, Bernstein offers a comprehensive range of accessories, including bathtub screens, shower screens, shower baskets, and bathtub trays. Their products are known for their sleek aesthetics and functionality, seamlessly integrating with various bathroom styles.
  • Fink: Known for their European luxury home and bathroom accessories, Fink offers a curated selection of high-quality shower shelves, mirrors with shelf. Explore unique finishes and designs, like their wall-mounted round mirrors with integrated towel shelves, ideal for maximizing space in smaller bathrooms.
  • Duravit: Rooted in German engineering excellence, Duravit prioritizes longevity and performance in their accessories. Their diverse selection encompasses everything from modern, minimalist shower screens to functional and stylish bathtub trays and heated towel racks.
  • VitrA: Combining Turkish craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, VitrA offers a comprehensive range of accessories at various price points. Explore their space-saving shower shelves, durable bathtub screens, and sleek towel racks to create a luxurious yet practical bathing environment.

Beyond the Essentials: Additional Considerations

While the core accessories are crucial, consider these additional features for an even more personalized experience:

  • Glass Type:Opt for tempered glass for bathtub and shower screens, ensuring safety and durability.
  • Shower Caddy: This hanging organizer provides additional storage for your shower essentials, keeping them within easy reach.
  • Integrated Soap Dish: Some bathtub trays and shower shelves come with built-in soap dishes, eliminating the need for separate holders.

Experience the Difference with, a leading online platform in the UAE, offers a curated selection of premium shower and bathtub accessories from renowned brands. Partnering with Bernstein, Fink, Duravit, and VitrA, empowers you to:

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By choosing premium shower and bathtub accessories from, you can transform your bathroom into a luxurious and functional haven, enhancing your daily bathing experience. Invest in quality and create a space that reflects your desire for both comfort and sophisticated design.

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