Revamping Your Kitchen

Revamping Your Kitchen on a Budget: Simple DIY Tips


Upgrading your tired, outdated kitchen doesn’t have to drain your bank account. With some thrifty tricks and easy DIY projects, you can give this highly used room a fresh, new look without spending a fortune. Follow these budget-friendly tips to revitalize your kitchen’s style and function.

Quick Cosmetic Fixes

Start by making minor cosmetic changes for instant impact since major remodels can be expensive. Clever touch-ups like adding a punch of color or updating fixtures go a long way in revamping the look of your kitchen.

Paint the Walls

Painting the walls or cabinets is the fastest, most affordable way to radically transform the entire feel of your kitchen. Add some brightness with cheerful hues like sunshine yellow, pale blue or mint green. For timelessness, choose versatile white, warm gray or rich cream. Prepping surfaces properly before painting is key – don’t skip sanding and priming.

Update Light Fixtures

Swapping out dated ceiling flush mount or pendant lights for new fixtures instantly modernizes your kitchen’s look. Choose energy-efficient LED lights or trendy industrial pendants. Make sure new light fixtures don’t exceed the weight capacity of your junction box to prevent dangerous electrical hazards.

Add Accent Tiles

Tiles aren’t just for floors and backsplashes – use peel-and-stick tiles as decorative accent strips along walls or cabinets. Available in an endless array of styles like subway brick, carved wood or Moroccan fish scale, easy-install tiles make a big visual impact for little cash.

Maximize Storage

Lack of storage space makes any kitchen feel disorganized and chaotic. Clever storage solutions resolve clutter issues that make cooking difficult.

Shelf Organizers

Maximize vertical storage on crowded shelves with slide-out trays, tiered holders, and lazy drawer inserts. Lazy Susans make spices and condiments easily accessible. Install under-shelf hanging baskets for extra space to stash packaged foods.

Utility Carts

Freestanding utility carts conveniently hold cooking essentials near food prep zones to minimize trips across the kitchen. Look for carts with multiple shelves, handy hooks and locking wheels that slide neatly under counters when not in use.

Cabinet Modifications

Take advantage of wasted space inside existing cabinets with easy DIY modifications like shelves, pull-out trays, and vertical dividers. Use adjustable shelves and organizers that allow customizing as needed. The experts over at SPAX recommend you detach doors and fully empty cabinet contents before installing new hardware using cabinet screws.

Build New Fixtures

Ambitious DIYers can tackle building handy new storage fixtures for their space. Though woodworking takes more skill, you save substantially by fabricating customized pieces.

Window Seat Banquette

Constructed bench seating instantly adds extra storage and gives a cozy breakfast nook feel. Frame basic plywood boxes with one side open to act as cabinet bases, and cut matching tabletops and hinged lids from wood boards. Install securely into bay windows using ledger boards and hydraulic lifts. Finish with plush cushions and throw pillows atop.

Rolling Cart Island

Build a wheeled wooden base cabinet fitted with locking casters. Choose cabinets with closed rather than open-front designs to hide contents. Attach countertops to create a movable kitchen island that doubles as storage on wheels.

Salvaged Cabinet Built-Ins

Make use of nooks around windows and appliances by building customized cabinets from reclaimed wood. Decorative glass front doors exhibit contents attractively. Size built-in units proportionally for your unique space using salvaged cabinets found through architectural salvage suppliers.


You don’t have to demolish and fully renovate your kitchen to give this well-trafficked space an updated look and streamlined functionality. With clever reuse of furnishings, thrifty accents, and targeted DIY projects, you can reinvent your kitchen without breaking the bank.

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