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Staging ideas to sell your Tulsa home this winter


Even as the weather turns colder in your Tulsa home, there are plenty of families that need to make a big move and sell their homes. Winter may not be peak selling season, but there are times when that works to your advantage. For instance, because so many people deliberately wait to sell in the peak times, many shoppers who need a home right now during the winter months have fewer options to choose from.

Fewer options for the buyers on the market make you more likely to have multiple interested buyers, which can’t hurt during a time of rising interest rates. So what else can you do to make your home staged for success in the winter? We’re glad you asked.

Aim for cozy warmth in decor over a specific holiday tradition

While many people celebrate popular winter holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, the easiest way to appeal to a broad set of potential buyers is to decorate in a non-holiday-specific way. Glowing lights, an evergreen wreath, and colorful table runners are all ways you can make the home a little more festive without focusing on specific holiday decor. These items help to convey how comfortable and cozy the home will be for future buyers, rather than focusing on a single personal holiday tradition.

Make use of soft light and textiles

Two features that add to the cozy warm feeling of a home are staging that focuses on light and staging that focuses on textiles. Lights can do a lot for a home: little electric candles in the windows can make even a dark early-evening showing feel inviting. Using soft white bulbs instead of more sterile bright white bulbs can soften all the features of the home, showcasing what it’d be like to have a calm evening or to entertain a group of close friends. Textiles also add a lot – soft rugs, woven blankets, and even wall hangings with a soft textile component can make the home feel equally soft and lived-in without being too personalized to one specific family.

Curb appeal still matters – make the front stoop memorable

One nice thing about the winter months is that maintaining your lawn is quite a bit easier than during the height of summer when weeds and grass grow very quickly and require upkeep even during the short time of being listed on the market. In the winter, you’ll want to trim back shrubs and lawns just to the point of looking trim and simple, but because you’re out of season for growth, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything getting overgrown. Instead, focus on making sure the other little details of arriving at the home are taken care of. Little walkway lanterns make sure it’s easy to walk up to the front door and some simple details on the porch can make a real impression while someone waits for you to answer the door. Have a friend or family member practice parking and walking up to your house in whatever weather you expect during the showings and make note of what they see and notice on their way up to enter the home – you’ll be glad you did!

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