Water Damage

The Cost of Water Damage


Water damage causes more than just wet floors and walls in both residential and commercial buildings. The damage can reach places we never imagine. From a burst pipe to a natural disaster, water damage remains a more than just a financial burden as it inflicts emotional and physical pain on those affected. Considering a Water Damage Restoration Long Beach is only the first step. Destructive mold, faulty electrical, and loss of belongings add up further expenses.

Water damage not only leads to immediate aftermath, but also to the long-term consequences like decline of property value and growth of insurance premium. Also, the overall pollution and waste of resources during the process of water damage cannot be overlooked and worsened.

Immediate Property Damage

Water damage can inflict many damages in a property, for instance, destroying walls, floors, ceilings, and condom accessories.

One glance at unhinged windows or cluttered furniture, or wet carpets is usually what hurts the eye and cost.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Apart from the short term harm chaos water may also provide the environment conducive to mold and mildew growth.

Well, it is not only a health risk to the occupants but this also leads to very costly remediation process where you have to remove the mold and neutralize it to prevent it from its recurrence.

Structural Compromise

The water seepage into the building structure may weaken not only the building’s foundation but also the framing members.

The continuous pressure exerted by long exposure brings the structure to its end, pulls down the supporting walls and may be the cause for expensive reconstruction or even collapse.

Electrical Hazards

Water which is the kind of force that we commonly depend on for our daily lives is just as deadly when mixed with electricity.

Floods may cause a short-circuit, and an electrical fire may stun, and an appliance can harm leading to higher repair cost and also pose a safety issue for the individual subjected.

Health Concerns

The very nature of pools that include standing water and damp environments is designed to facilitate the growth of bacteria, therefore, represent a serious health risk to occupants.

Extremely wet conditions when mold is produced and grows can contribute to the development of various respiratory diseases, exacerbate existing conditions and cause allergies, and primarily, these people require medical attention for these issues and further costs.

Decreased Property Value

Die hard water damage is the main factor which lowers the property of a place. Listing time increases and low selling price come along with visible damage or previous water issues.

Therefore, buyers are more concerned than usual, which reduces effectiveness of the marketing.


All the expense accompanying a water damage doesn’t seem to end while the visible damage is the one that people see. Ranging from the stressed structure to the health consequences, these are the impacts that can bring several changes and a high cost.

The immediate reaction and preventive obstacles need to be firmly put in places in order to avoid these costs and also keep the properties and their stayers safe against the damages of water damage.

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