Dining Chair Designs

The Different Types of Dining Chair Designs and Styles


Once you’ve chosen the chair type for your dining space, you can begin to narrow down the designs of dining chairs that capture your eye. Here is a straightforward guide to selecting one.

Coastal Style

Give your dining room a beach-escape aesthetic with seaside textures such as rattan, wicker, wood, sand, and sun-inspired hues. Choose light and uncomplicated pieces but still add whimsy and style to your space. Incorporate dining chairs made of wicker for an airy effect. With concave benches and curved backs, these chairs provide form and motion. They also pair well with a dark wooden table, balancing light and dark hues.

Traditional Style

Maintain your traditional aesthetic with traditional dark wood seats. Place scatter pillows on the chairs to create a subtle and relaxed atmosphere. A chair design that is darker and more straightforward will highlight ornate elements in the room, such as the columns of the dining table and the pattern on the bar cart. Choose the chair material with wood finishes such as mahogany, walnut, and oak in mind.

Transitional Design

Maintain your transitional style with dining chair designs that infuse a distinct aesthetic. Style a neutral-hued room with modern, dual-textured seats that provide colour, comfort, and a streamlined finish. Consider the elements, textures, fabrics, and shapes from your favourite interior design styles that you adore the most, and incorporate them into one cohesive space.

Farmhouse and Cottage Design

Add a whimsical touch to your farmhouse or cottage-style home by incorporating intricately crafted wooden dining chair designs. We adore how these light wood chairs play up the domestic aesthetic with their rustic pattern and handmade appearance. This design style is mastered by searching out weathered finishes, vibrant neutral tones, and unfinished wooden textures.

Glam Style

Styles of glam dining chairs integrate luxury in one way or another; whether through vibrant fabric hues, plush finishes, or a sleek, metallic frame, these statement pieces make any space feel more refined and opulent. Find items that conjure an old-Hollywood aesthetic with sophistication and a dash of seduction.

Modern Style

Styles of modern dining chairs in Singapore feature streamlined lines and uncluttered silhouettes. While modern design typically emphasises natural blonde wood, you can create a striking contrast by incorporating black wood tones into a light room. To complement a rectangular wooden dining table, choose round, low-back chairs.

Rustic Style

Enhance the pastoral aesthetic of your home with natural elements such as dark wood tones and neutral upholstery. Wooden chairs that exude a casual, organic vibe are an excellent starting point. Seek out leather, distressed wood, fabric finishes, and other pieces that inspire comfort and relaxation.

Eclectic Design

Maximalist items can be used to achieve an eclectic, eccentric look. Create your ideal bohemian dining room with casual, daring pieces that add vibrancy and cosiness to the space. Focus on rich patterns and comfortable upholstery, or design your space with metal or wooden seating complemented by cushions and decorative pillows for the ultimate bohemian ambience.

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