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Under Stairs Storage Solutions


You are missing out on amazing organization possibilities that can transform your home if you don’t make use of your under-stairs storage.

You may have cleared out your garage and decluttered your closets. If you still have items to store there is an area that could be ideal for organization.

You can make your under-stairs storage space a storage hot spot, whether you already have it or are looking to build one.

Can I add storage underneath the stairs?

It’s simple: yes! You can store extra items in the space under your stairs, no matter how small or large it is.

Storage under stairs can be versatile, functional or completely customized. You can make your new storage stand out or hide it, or both.

Alex Mazhukhin runs Mr. Renovations, a design and renovation firm. He says, “When it comes to staircases overall there’s lots of potential storage.” Irina Mazhukhin, his wife, built It. “Because, no matter how many stairs you have, there will always exist an empty space underneath. It’s wasted space, I believe.

Mazhukhin transformed an under-stairs closet into a pantry two years ago. He also documented the under-stairs storage project.

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How can you make the most of the space below the stairs?

It’s important to plan your under-stair storage space strategically to avoid it becoming a dumping ground for random items.

Lisa Archilla, Bee & Peacock Organizing says that “I always recommend that the space be assigned a purpose.” It can contain more than one thing but it shouldn’t be where you put things because you don’t know where they should go. It becomes a strange mix of things where you don’t know what to do with them.

Consider the location of your stairs. A pantry project like Mazhukhin’s may be a good idea if they are located near your kitchen. Consider a bookshelf if they are close to your office or study.

A great place to store your workout gear and sports equipment is a stairway in the backyard. You can store coats and shoes near your front door.

If the location isn’t enough to help you pinpoint the right purpose of your project, consider what might be missing. The space under your stairs does not have to be used for storage. Do you have a home-office? You can create one by adding stairs. Perhaps you have always wished for a reading corner with good lighting, a comfortable bench, and shelves to store books.

You can create a space for your pet’s to hang out in, with food storage and hidden toys depending on how much space you have. It could be fun to create a hideaway for your children with soft cushions, favorite books, and toys.

If you have trouble determining what items should be stored under your stairs, don’t panic.

Archilla has helped many clients find customized storage solutions under their stairs. These range from a workbench to an entire travel closet. She has everything she needs in one location, which makes it easy to pack and allows her to identify things that need replenishing.

Once you have decided on a purpose, what drawers and cabinets would you like to use? Or something more furniture-like? Hidden storage or display shelves can be used to showcase a valuable collection that has been stored away for too long.

How can I make under-stairs storage?

It is possible to do a stair storage job yourself for amateur DIYers and handymen.

Before you pick up your tools, however, you need to consider your level of skill and the amount of work required.

It might be necessary to hire a professional if you have to dig under your staircase or face a load-bearing beam.

Mazhukhin says that the only thing I would not consider difficult to do is working with drywall. He had to remove the drywall and move support beams for his pantry conversion. It’s easy to install shelving or cabinets if there is an area underneath the staircase.

Archilla suggests flexible wall-mounted shelving, generally 10-12 inches in depth, to maximize the triangular space under your stairs. This shelf extends from the closet’s door to the slope at its back. Freestanding shelving can lead to extra negative space which Archilla considers a waste. Hanging items on walls will help you make the most of flat space.

It is also important to think about the time it will take to complete the project. This can be an issue for weekend warriors or busy families. Mazhukhin estimates that the under-stair pantry project took approximately two weeks. However, it is possible to complete a similar job in a month for those who are unable to devote their full attention.

You can use the secret storage space under the stairs, whether you are looking to add cubbies to your home or hire an expert to make it a masterpiece of storage.

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