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Why buy plants from an online garden center.?


A greater choice

In your local garden center, even if you will find a certain choice of plants, their number remains limited due of course to a limited space for exhibition and storage. When you are looking for a particular variety , you may have to do many garden centers before you find THE plant you need. An online garden center does not have these constraints, so you can find a much larger variety there, especially at the recommended times for planting. Plants can be purchased there bare root or in containers and come in a variety of sizes. Plants, especially indoor ones, can be offered in their decorative pot or with a decorative flowerpot.In addition to the plants, and as in the stores but always with more choice, you will discover many gardening accessories, plant care, flower pots and cache-pots to install your favorite plants, decoration.

Accompanied by tips and fact sheets.

Garden center sites are rarely made up of catalog pages only. You can find there sheets for each plant , very detailed with regard to its needs, its culture, but also many illustrated advices concerning the culture of the plants. You can even ask questions to advisors or other Internet users via an online forum or even by chat! The gardeners advisors can also be contacted by phone or email and respond as soon as possible to help you with your problem or in the realization of your projects.

Often equipped with a newsletterthat you can receive on demand and free of charge, online gardening sites alert you to their new products, and therefore generally on the right time to buy seeds, seedlings or potted plants. You will also be informed in due time of good deals and promotions.

Quality at the rendezvous.

Garden centers are demanding with regard to the carefully selected plants provided by the nurserymen, with regard to the vigor of the plants for a good recovery and the absence of diseases and parasites. As the goal is not to immediately seduce the potential buyer with a flowering plant, the plants are not forced and therefore have a natural development, which makes them more resistant. This requirement allows them to offer a guarantee on the plants purchased , the duration of which depends on the site and the type of plants.

For shipments of plants, the packages are prepared just before shipment to reduce their cardboard station as much as possible. The packaging is neat and retains sufficient moisture for the clods. The delivery is very fast, when the plants ordered are available of course!

Remote control may worry some people. Indeed, buying without seeing the product can lead to disappointment. But thanks to the internet, it is easy to check the seriousness of a seller. Opinions abound and a company that is not serious about the quality of the products it sells does not last over time and does not develop. There is nothing to fear with a reputable garden centre, which offers guarantees on its products.

At your own pace.

Installed quietly in front of your computer, tablet or smartphone screen, you browse the catalog while taking the time . That of comparing prices but also that of choosing the right plant for your garden or your interior. You thus avoid the disappointment of having fallen for a plant that will have no chance of adapting to your home or that will not be suitable!

Well-designed sites

The current sites are well made, ergonomic , with many search options and many services offered online. It is easy to navigate even when you are not used to surfing the net! You can have, most of the time, a direct online follow-up of your orders.

Saving time and fuel!

For people who have difficulty getting around, for those who live in remote places, for those who don’t have the time, or who have staggered work schedules, no more problems!

Delivery can be made at home, but many garden centers also offer delivery to a pick-up point or even to a store, which generally reduces delivery prices. This is often free above a certain order amount. Once again you have the choice!

Secure payments like in store

It is important to check that the online garden center of your choice provides its customers with a secure transaction for payments by credit card. The sites thus secured are identified by an address of the type “https://” (presence of the s) and by a small green padlock which precedes this address.

The information you give is generally on a payment server of the bank to which the shop is affiliated, moreover it is encrypted, the sales site does not know or store this information. However, some sites partially record data, the credit card number then appears but without all the digits and you must enter the cryptogram located on the back of your card for each order. Avoid sites where this is not the case.

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