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5 good reasons to work with a real estate broker.?


Whether you are buying or selling, a real estate transaction is an important step in your life. However, the complexity of the task and the time to invest are elements that can generate stress, especially in the case of a first purchase or if the family context is difficult (separation, succession, etc.). Under these conditions, the experience and advice of a professional are invaluable. Here are five reasons to do business with a real estate broker.

1. The right price from the start

In order to assess the value of your property on the current market, the real estate broker has many tools at his disposal. They consist, among other things, of a list of properties comparable to yours, sold in the last 18 months. Market statistics and knowledge of the sector are also valuable assets for establishing the best sales strategy. Indeed, it is important to offer your house at the right price from the start because an overpriced house will not sell, even if you lower the price a few weeks after the launch.

As the market has been very active for several years, if you as a buyer are in a situation of multiple offers, your broker will tell you the best strategy to adopt and at what price to position yourself. For more information on this topic, read our article on  multi-buy offers .

2. Valuable administrative assistance

A real estate broker doesn’t just sell your home or find you that special someone. He accompanies you with patience and diligence throughout the process of buying or selling, from the evaluation of your property to the visit to the notary. Expert in his field, he knows all the administrative procedures and the documents necessary for the transaction. You can also take advantage of his help to complete the mandatory seller’s declaration or order a new  certificate of location .

Buyers will have all the elements in hand to present an offer to purchase and obtain, for example, a reference from a mortgage broker.

3. Save time

Work, children, hobbies, vacations… finding or selling real estate is a full-time job that is difficult to fit into your already busy day. By entrusting your property to a real estate broker, you offer yourself peace of mind and significant time savings. Organizing visits, planning appointments with photographers, grouping documents, presenting offers to purchase… the broker and his team take charge of all the elements surrounding the sale or purchase of a property. The key is to find a trustworthy broker who will take the time to explain all the steps of the transaction and who will regularly follow up on your file with you.

4. Maximum visibility right from the market launch

Marketing is a crucial step in the sales process. It consists of using all the necessary tools to highlight a property and capture the interest of as many potential buyers as possible. By entrusting your home to a real estate broker, you will have access to many marketing tools that will boost its visibility: professional video, newspaper advertisements, promotion on social networks, virtual tours… Your home will also be available to all brokers in Quebec. through the site and internationally if you choose a banner present in several countries.

5.  A peaceful transaction

In Quebec, brokers are subject to the rules surrounding the Real Estate Brokerage Act and are required to work according to a specific code of ethics. The self-regulatory organization of real estate brokerage in Quebec ( OACIQ ) has the mission of ensuring the protection of the public who use real estate and mortgage brokerage services. Thus, by visiting the OACIQ website , you will find a great deal of information on the protection you benefit from under the Real Estate Brokerage Act.

In addition, some agencies such as RE/MAX offer protection programs allowing financial and legal assistance in the event of delay and withdrawal, death or hidden defect: these are the  TranquiliT, IntérgriT and SécuriT programs .

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