A clean and tidy house

A clean and tidy house in 7 days.?


Our back-to-school challenge begins in a room that is very popular on a daily basis: the kitchen . It has gradually become a real living room where it is no longer just a question of cooking there but also of sharing a meal, working, chatting… In other words: all the reasons are there to clean up this room. , very prone to mess and dirt.


A vacuum cleaner/ a classic sponge and an abrasive sponge/ a toothbrush/ a feather duster/ an all-purpose spray/ a bottle of white vinegar/ a lemon/ scouring powder/ several garbage bags/ new jars or airtight boxes/ tags…


Your kitchen cupboards and shelves should be the first to suffer from your housekeeping frenzy! Throughout the year, you hoard food, paying no attention to what you already have in stock and what is likely to expire.

>> Empty your entire cupboards. This will allow you to first vacuum them and thus pick up cake crumbs, powdered sugar, grains of rice and anything that is likely to escape from its package!

>> Sort all your food. Throw out expired products and for cupboards without unpleasant surprises next (namely moths), prefer glass jars or airtight boxes for foods such as rice, flour, sugar, pasta rather than leaving them in traditional cardboard packaging. Below your boxes and jars, stick small labels where you will write the expiry date of each product…

>> Reorganize your food in your cupboards. Be sure to follow a well-thought-out order when storing them. We grant you, this advice turns to maniacal but on a daily basis it can be very practical. Think of a shelf dedicated to breakfast (tea, coffee, cereals, jams), another to ingredients (flour, sugar, yeast…), another to meals (rice, pasta, preserves…). With such a system, no member of the family will have any excuse if they cannot find food in a cupboard!

While you are conscientiously tidying up your kitchen cupboards, take the opportunity to clean your household appliances… since it can sometimes do it all by itself! This way you make the most of your time. Only downside: avoid turning on all the electrical appliances in the room at the same time.

>> Put your oven on pyrolysis function. This will allow you to eliminate the fat accumulated during the last uses and will clean your oven at more than 500°C.

>> Run your dishwasher empty at maximum rinse heat with your usual dose of detergent and check that the nozzles are not clogged.

>> Descale your coffee maker and your kettle with a dual-use product (descaler and detergent).

>> Clean the interior walls of your microwave using a small-headed plastic brush on which you have first poured white vinegar. This will allow you to access every nook and cranny as well as ventilation.

A vacuum cleaner/ A microfiber cloth/ A classic cloth/ A feather duster/ An anti-dust spray/ A foam or a special carpet shampoo/ A textile stain remover/ A wax for parquet/ A garbage bag/ Candles/ A stepladder if necessary.. .

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