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What is the purpose of a door in the first place?

The main part of a house is a door. It is a barrier that can be opened at the entrance to a building, room, or other areas to permit access to people, vehicles, and other goods. The door frame, which is supported by members at the top and sides of the opening doorway, holds it in place. A small doorway can be widened to create more room and the illusion of a larger home. The most crucial component of any home is the doors. When designing an interior, it is important.

Functions of a good-quality door that CenturyDoors have to offer –

  1. When a door is closed, its primary purpose is to maintain a sense of privacy and security inside the space.
  2. Doors act as a connecting element between the house’s various interior rooms.
  3. It gives the house a beautiful appearance.
  4. An open door allows light and ventilation into various rooms throughout the house.
  5. By enclosing a space and excluding air draughts, it regulates the physical atmosphere there, allowing interiors to be heated or cooled more efficiently.
  6. It also functions as a noise barrier whenever there is excessive noise outside the house.
  7. It is used to divide the formal and utility areas of a home into separate screening areas for aesthetic reasons.
  8. People and animals can enter the house through an open door, so a safety look becomes a must for the door system.
  9. Interior doors that control the physical environment of space to improve the efficiency of heating and cooling.
  10. It significantly contributes to stopping the fire or smoke from spreading.
  11. CenturyDoors are slam proof and bend proof and offer a warranty from 5 years to 10 years.

Types of doors that are worth purchasing:

1. Flush Doors:

Flush doors have a core portion that is solid, semi-solid, or both sides are covered in plywood or a thin layer. These doors are now frequently used due to their attractiveness, affordability of construction, and higher durability.

2. Glazed Doors:

In hospitals, colleges, etc., glazed doors are usually used in interior wall openings. Glazed doors allow light to pass through while also allowing a view of the room’s interior. These could have both glass and paneling or could be completely glazed. Glazed doors come with glass panels.

3. Doors with Louvers:

When the door is closed, the louvers allow for natural ventilation while also ensuring the room’s privacy. These are typically used in public and residential buildings’ restrooms. The door may have full or partial louvers. Louvers can be fixed or moveable and are made of wood, glass, or plywood.

4. Doors with Frames and Panels:

When compared to battened doors, these are much stronger and will look good. These doors are the most frequently used in almost all building types. The inner edges of the frame’s stiles, vertical and horizontal members, and rails are grooved to accommodate the panels. The panels are constructed from glass, plywood, AC sheets, or wood.

Buying Doors Online

Doors can be purchased online for very affordable prices. When looking for ready made doors online, you have the choice to compare the advantages, costs, designs, and durability of various door types.

Best materials for a door that is long-lasting, fits your aesthetic, and is easy to clean:

1. Wood –

The most common door material is wood, which gives your home decor softness and a touch of warmth.

2. Glass –

Include clear glass doors in spaces where you want to provide unhindered views of the inside or the outside. Wherever privacy is required, opaque glass is appropriate because it adds a feeling of brightness and polish. In this instance, a sliding glass door separates the bathroom from the bedroom.

3. Aluminium –

A door with an aluminium frame would have an industrial or slick modern appearance.


Security is provided by a door by restricting access to the doorway, which is its essential and primary function. Hence, it becomes essential to have a safe, guarded, and strong door to protect the house. With all the options available online, it becomes easy for a buyer to select doors of their own choice, customize them according to their needs and buy doors online. CenturyPly offers a wide range of doors online. Head over to CenturyEShop today!

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