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Maintenance Declutter your home in 7 steps.?


We all know this adage, and I couldn’t agree more. I had a tendency to be rather “messy” and so I had to adopt new good habits to gain peace of mind. I find that a bright, clean and tidy room makes it easier for me to stay focused and puts me in a better mood. It also contributes to a more organized and less stressful lifestyle… even when you have children. Here are some simple tips that will help you get your home – and your life – in order in less time than you thought.

1.      Lighten up your living room

The best thing about sorting is that you end up keeping only the things you really like… Which is always a guarantee of success for a simpler lifestyle that reflects your true personality. Assess your living room honestly and find a new place for all the trinkets that are a bit dated, those that are useless and those that really do not go with the general decoration. Just because you liked something ten years ago doesn’t mean you have to like it now.

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2. Make your dining room more functional

In a dining room, there should only be good meals and nice conversations. Minimalist dining areas can be just as warm and welcoming as traditional rooms, provided they have the right lighting. Remove all things that are not essential to you and free up space around the table to move around more easily.

3. Sort out your bathroom

The bathroom is often cluttered with too many bottles of shampoo, shower gel and other bubble baths; suddenly we quickly lose sight of the purified place of which we dream and in which we would like to cleanse the spirit at the same time as the body. Choose coordinating towels and accessories – often white is the best choice – and stash anything not absolutely necessary in a closet or drawer.

Also take the opportunity to sort out your bathroom and get rid of all the things you don’t really like. Keep only the soaps whose bottle and scent you really like, in addition to the ones you use every day, and you’ll come out of the shower refreshed and refreshed every morning.

Maintenance: A spotless bathroom in 7 days

4. Remove everything that is not essential from your room

A room where you feel good is above all a room where you can rest and therefore a well-ordered room. Get into the habit of not leaving anything on bedside tables except the book you’re reading – well, I keep a whole pile of them next to my bed, but I’m not necessarily an example – and try not to keep more stuff than you can fit in a drawer. With nightstands like these, you’re sure to succeed – there just isn’t room to store anything other than what you absolutely need.

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Follow Oprah Winfrey’s rule and your closet will sort itself: every time you wear an item of clothing, put it at the end of the rod. After six months, you’ll have a good idea of ​​which clothes you have a chance to get back and which ones you can get rid of or donate to charity.

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5. Empty your worktops

If your kitchen has a cupboard deep enough for your household appliances, store not only the blender and the robot, but also the kettle and the toaster. If you don’t have this type of closet, think about how many times you use an appliance before giving it a place on your counter. If you rarely use it, put it away.


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